Each of our clients begins their remodel with a different mindset. For some, their chief concern is adding more modern technology, while others might focus on getting their space in step with current design trends. Whichever goal they choose, our design team’s job is to use every skill in their arsenal to make it happen!

When our designer, Randy, sat down with this awesome Apple Valley couple, their ideas were pretty straightforward. They wanted to upgrade their builder-grade, oak cabinets to a larger size and more attractive style, along with replacing their original flooring. For the cabinetry, they went with Showplace cabinets in a Hickory finish and Cambria quartz Laneshaw countertops. Together, both finishes give the space a warm but elevated feel.

We love the final look of this beautiful kitchen transformation! It’s the perfect example of one of our favorite design mottos, “when in doubt, keep it simple.” Give us a room with clean stainless steel appliances, quality American-made cabinets, and countertops, and an earthy neutral color palette any day! Explore more photos from this fun project below.

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