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Where to Start? Your Guide to Planning for a Great Remodel Experience |  Kitchen Remodeling Twin Cities MN

It’s time!  You’re ready to move forward with your dreams and actually make that kitchen remodel happen.  But now what?  Where do you start?  Here’s our efficient guide to starting the remodel process the right way — ensuring a good experience from beginning to end.

Before you sit down with potential remodelers, ask yourself these questions and be prepared to share your answers with remodeling professionals:

What’s Your Budget? — If you think getting estimates is the place to start, think again.  Most of the time, bringing your budget to the table is a better place to dive in.  Having a range for your budget right off that bat will help your remodeler know which materials are possibilities and which are out of reach, creating a more accurate project plan from the get-go.

How Big is Your Space? —  Your kitchen design specialist doesn’t want to know approximately, they want exacts.  The size of your room will effect your cost as well as your layout.  Initially you’ll want to get out a measuring tape and jot down your own notes, saving you an extra call down the line!  Later on, your contractor or designer will take their own specific measurements as they begin to put details into place.

What Are Your Priorities? – Sure you’ve thought about some of the changes you want, but can you articulate and prioritize them?  Be ready to describe what you want your new space to look like, including the top 3-5 features that you can’t live without.  Make a list of your wants versus your needs, and draw a line under the items under each side that you won’t go without.  Create a binder with tear-outs from magazines, or utilize a site like to gather ideas and share them with potential remodelers.

What’s Your Why? —  You might think that the visuals will speak for themselves, but sharing why you want to update your space may communicate a lot more than you think.  Is it an upcoming event to be held in your home?  Or family coming from out of town?  Your motivation for change can help them plan aspects of the room you might not have considered.  Share that why-factor and you might be pleased with new insight that could transform your dreams into a space you will love for years to come!

Here at The Cabinet Store + Culina Design we look forward to hearing your why and seeing your ideas.  Our expert kitchen designers are happy to design you a free kitchen layout and walk you through some possible options for cabinetry and countertops.  Stop by our amazing showroom and get started on turning those dreams into reality today!

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