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Mudroom Transformations – Beautiful and Functional!

In our Minnesota climate where snow is common and boots abound, no doubt our mudrooms get used!  But perhaps yours is in a constant state of chaos.  Boots piled sky high, coats piled on top of mittens, sports gear leaning against a corner wall?  Then it’s time to transform your mudroom!
Mudroom cabinetry
Whether you have just a small entry space or a spacious room, a few transitions can make a world of difference.  If it’s time to reinvent your mudroom, here are a few tips:

-Make it cheerful.  In a room that may often be the first one you enter in the house, a calm or cheerful atmosphere can be the perfect welcome home.  Consider painting the room bright white, a warm earthy color (greens, yellows), or soothing neutrals (pale grays or tans).  Storage cabinetry that is bright white or warm wood-toned can give the room a warm, natural feel as well.  Add a few decorating details (a picture board or some artwork) to make it welcoming.

-Make it practical.  Is the mudroom floor durable?  A wood or stone floor can be a nice transition from outdoors to in.  Do you have durable rugs that are up to the game?  Can you reach your hooks, closets, or cabinets from where you enter the room?  Maybe you need to open up a pathway or move your storage cabinets.

-Make it custom. Take into consideration the way your family functions (or the way you want them to function!).  Account for shoes, outerwear, and sports gear for ALL seasons, no matter what season you’re making the mudroom transformation.  Every family is unique — the cabinetry and storage solutions you need won’t necessarily be like anyone else’s.

At The Cabinet Store + Culina Design, we can help create a customized solution for your mudroom.  That solution can include:

  • Drawers
  • Cabinets
  • Lockers
  • Benches
  • Shelves
  • & more!

Bring us a sketch of your room dimensions, and together we’ll begin to create a mudroom transformation that will add ease and serenity to the way your family functions!

Need more visual inspiration?  Check out these 22 mudrooms sure to inspire.  Whether you add a single cabinet, one bench and a shelf, or a whole new organization set-up, your custom mudroom can be as beautiful and functional as these!

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  1. Looking to get a pricing option for a bench/locker combination for our mudroom. width measurement of that room is 68.5 inches with a ceiling height of around 80.

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