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Q: When is the Best Time of the Year for a Kitchen Remodel?

We are frequently asked, “When is the best time of the year for a kitchen remodel?”  Although we can remodel any month of the year, one of the easiest seasons of the year for you to be without a kitchen for a period of time just might be summer! We believe that the benefits of summer kitchen remodeling are just too great to ignore!

Summer Scheduling: With school over and winter sports put to rest, many families find that their schedule is a bit more laid back in the summer, making it easier to plan projects, schedule contractors, and make key decisions.  In addition, the longer daylight hours will allow your remodel to be finished more quickly.

Outdoor Eating: One of the downsides of kitchen remodeling is that you will inevitably be displaced from your kitchen while your home renovation is underway.  Luckily, in the summer, kitchen activities can easily be moved outside to food on the grill and family dinners served on the deck.

Weather Is Cooperative: Here in Minnesota we have only a short window of time in which weather is cooperative for contractors.  Supplies can be more easily moved in and out of homes, prep stations can be set up outside, and windows or doors can be left open longer for ventilation.  While planning your project for the summer is not a guarantee that Mother Nature will cooperate, it at least puts the odds in your favor!

Prepare Your Home For The Holidays: With the sun shining bright it may be difficult to think ahead to the holidays.  However, many homeowners are guilty of putting off their home improvement projects until just before the festivities, making it impossible to complete desired projects in time.  By undertaking remodels and renovations over the course of the summer, your home will be in top entertaining form come fall and winter!

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  1. I like how you mentioned that a kitchen remodeling project can be finished more quickly in the summer. My wife and I are wanting to renovate our kitchen so that we can install new countertops and some new cabinets. Summer is still going to be around for at least another month and a half, so it seems like now would be a good time for us to find a contractor that can get this project started for us.

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