Knowing where to invest your time and money as you remodel your kitchen or bathroom can be a confusing decision.  That fact alone could be the most important reason to do your shopping with a kitchen and bath specialty store, rather than go at it alone in a big box location, where the confusion may only get bigger.  But if you’re still unsure, here are some great reasons why shopping at a local kitchen and bath dealer can make your remodel experience better all around:

One-on-One Focus —  At a specialty retailer, one person will work with you start to finish, taking your project under their wing.   They will know and understand your project and you won’t have to recount the details of your project over and over to different individuals.

Experience & Expertise —  Team members at a kitchen and bath retailer typically have long careers in the kitchen and bath industry and educational backgrounds centered on cabinetry and design.  They are experts at what they do.

Design Services — Kitchen and bath retailers specialize in custom design for your remodel project.  Here at The Cabinet Store + Culina Design for instance, we have full-time professional designers on staff that can walk you through the process of turning your ideas into a complete 3D design.  Computerized designs and in-home measurements are everyday common place, thanks to cutting edge software and designers who are experts in their field.

Extensive Options — Want selection?  A kitchen and bath store is the best place to find it.  Their showrooms are havens of the latest and greatest, featuring the widest range of countertops, cabinetry, and accessories.  In addition, they have greater access to a variety of custom options.  Looking for unique hardware or an unconventional finish?  Your kitchen and bath dealer is much more likely to be able to fulfill your request than the big box store.

Ultimate Satisfaction — Remodeling is a big process!  Not only do you want to be excited about the final result, you want to enjoy a stress-free experience as well.  Working with experts who care about your project as much as you do gives valuable peace of mind.   A specialty dealer will keep your budget in mind and make sure you receive value for your investment.  At The Cabinet Store + Culina Design we make sure you get not only the best service possible but also the best price on products offered elsewhere.

Here at The Cabinet Store + Culina Design we take pride in listening to your ideas and coming up with custom solutions for each project. As a specialty kitchen and bath dealer, we know our business well and enjoy walking each client through it.  And our amazing showroom with life-size kitchen and bath displays is not to be missed!  Visit our Twin Cities location in Apple Valley today!


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