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The Cabinet Store + Culina Design Partners With Environmentally-Friendly Companies

At The Cabinet Store + Culina Design, sustainability is important to us. That’s why we choose to partner with American-made and environmentally-friendly vendors. From our countertops to our cabinetry, every…

At The Cabinet Store + Culina Design, sustainability is important to us. That’s why we choose to partner with American-made and environmentally-friendly vendors. From our countertops to our cabinetry, every product we sell comes from companies that prioritize:

  • environmentally-sourced products
  • eco-friendly processes
  • environmental stewardship
  • community involvement

With that in mind, we wanted to talk about the companies that help us provide our customers with high-quality, environmentally-friendly products.

Environmentally Friendly Countertops: Cambria Quartz

The Cabinet Store + Culina Design is a premium dealer of Cambria Quartz and our showroom features over 100 Cambria samples. As a Minnesota-based company committed to green and sustainable business practices, partnering with Cambria was a no-brainier! Cambria quartz is primarily mined in North America, resulting in lower transportation requirements than other quartz surfacing products produced outside the United States. Cambria’s quartz mine is fully equipped with hydroelectric power and 100% of the metal tools and water used in polishing are recycled. All Cambria products are GREENGUARD Indoor Air Quality Certified and certified by NSF International.

Environmentally-Friendly Cabinetry

We work with a variety of cabinet companies located in the United States. Each company we partner with places an emphasis on sustainability and are active participants in the Kitchen Cabinet Manufacturer Association (KCMA) and Environmental Stewardship Program (ESP) certified. To earn ESP certification, companies must follow strict guidelines both in their manufacturing processes and the materials they use. Points are awarded based on compliance with these criteria, and once a company earns 80 points, they are awarded ESP certification.

Showplace Cabinetry

Showplace’s production facilities are energy-efficient, utilize recycling, and take measures to protect air quality at every opportunity. These ESP certified cabinets also use environmentally-sourced products, and the materials and finishes used during the manufacturing process reduce environmental emissions. Showplace promotes the protection of the world’s forests and other natural resources through its sustainable practices.

Medallion Cabinetry

As one of the largest cabinet suppliers in the U.S., Medallion strives to create cabinets with natural materials that stand the test of time. In addition to manufacturing a top-notch product, Medallion aim’s to develop sound environmental practices. As a business, they implement processes that seek to sustain the environment and steward resources with respect. Their facility uses a filtration system to gather sawdust and wood shavings that removes 99.99% of dust particles. This act alone eliminates the discharge of dust particles into the atmosphere and conserves energy by returning warm air back into the factory. The company also pursues partnerships with suppliers that meet or surpass current industry regulatory standards.

Countryside Cabinets

Countryside Cabinets is a Wisconsin-based company focused on eco-friendly manufacturing processes. With sustainability and quality in mind, Countryside Cabinets strives to fabricate products that not only stand up to the test of time but meet the rigorous guidelines set forth by the KCMA and ESP.

W.W. Wood Products, Inc.

W.W. Wood Products, Inc. is the parent company of Aspect Cabinetry, Shiloh Cabinetry, and Eclipse Cabinetry. All three brands are focused on reducing their environmental footprint. To do that, they stay in line with industry best practices and environmental responsibility. In addition to being a KCMA participant and ESP certified, Aspect Cabinetry’s products are CARB Phase 2 Compliant. This means that their products meet the California Air Resources Board’s (CARB) emission standards for formaldehyde emissions from composite wood products.

To learn more about how The Cabinet Store + Culina Design promotes sustainability, get in touch with our team.

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