5 Storage Solutions for an Organized Kitchen

The backbone of any incredible kitchen is storage. Whether you love open shelving or prefer to keep it minimal, there are plenty of options for staying organized. Our talented design team can help you create the organized, functional kitchen of your dreams with our Kitchen Fit program. Scroll below to learn about some of our favorite kitchen storage ideas!

Organized Islands

As the center of many kitchens, islands are an excellent area to mix and match storage solutions. From cookbooks to wine bottles to bakeware to spices to trash and recycling, the customization options are limitless! In addition to giving you more drawers and cabinets to work with, an island is a great place to hide small appliances like a wine fridge, stand mixer, microwave, or espresso maker.

Tip-Out Trays

Did you know one of your kitchen’s most wasted storage spaces is the faux drawer front under the sink? We recommend turning that space into functional storage by installing a tip-out tray. The small but mighty shelf is perfect for storing sponges, drain covers, brushes, and other everyday cleaning tools.

Decked-Out Pantries

When setting up your pantry, it’s helpful to think about it as a mini at-home grocery store. We find it helpful to set up systems and get organized from the start. Installing organizers and cubbies makes it easier to section off areas for specific snacks, ingredients, drinks, or dry goods. Consider using roll-out shelves and drawers to maximize every available inch!

Stellar Spice Storage

A pull-out spice cabinet is always convenient, especially if you’re an avid home cook! Many current storage options provide the advantages of a spice rack without the countertop clutter. If you like to keep things simple with just a few herbs, a spice drawer may do the trick. This type of storage typically features a tiered organizer that allows spices to lay flat, ensuring labels are easy to read and nothing topples over.

Classic Lazy Susans

Its name may suggest otherwise, but we can assure you this kitchen storage is anything but lazy! You can’t beat the brilliance of a rotating shelf – it’s the perfect solution for hard-to-reach items and areas. Lazy susans are traditionally found inside a kitchen’s corner base cabinet, but they work beautifully in pantries and upper cabinets!

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