Remodeling Q&A: What’s the Typical Remodeling Process?

Curious to know the question we receive most often from clients? It’s usually some version of this, “what does the typical remodeling process look like?” We get it! Every designer, remodeler, and builder has their own approach.

Today, we thought it would be helpful to walk you through our typical remodeling process. Every project is different; however, below are some of the general steps you can expect to take when working with The Cabinet Store + Culina Design.

Research and Inspiration
To begin, we recommend doing some research online or in magazines and finding a few inspiration images to work from. This information helps inform our designers about your unique style!

Showroom Visit
Next, it’s time to visit our Apple Valley showroom! Meet our fabulous designers, browse products, explore displays, and grill our expert team with your big design questions!

Connect with a Designer
After deciding to work with us, we’ll get you connected with a designer. During your first meeting, you’ll discuss your home, budget, style, needs, and anything that will help them create your dream space.

Designs and 3D Renderings
Once we’ve gotten to know each other, a team member will visit your home to take measurements and then your designer will start creating computerized designs and 3D renderings for your project.

Plans Meeting
Upon completing your design plans, your designer will meet with you again to go over their ideas for your space. This is also a time to get your feedback and make any changes or adjustments.

Make Selections
Once the final plans have been confirmed, it’s time for a little fun! We’ll work with you to select finishes and tie up loose ends before starting construction on your remodel.

Demo Day
Next, it’s time to get our hands dirty! From demo day to the finishing touches, your designer will manage your project team and communicate any changes or updates along the way.

Finish and Follow-Up
After our work is done, we’ll walk you through your new space, answer any questions, give aftercare tips, and then leave you to admire your remodeled home!

Do you have any lingering questions or want to know more about our process? Feel free to reach out to our team anytime – we’d love to help you get the ball rolling!

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