Carly Hand

Friendly, knowledgeable, optimistic, and patient, Carly not only mixes and matches colors and styles for clients, but she also collaborates with them on finding the layout and design that is right for them in function, style, and price. With a background in Art Management and experience in the home design industry for over 14 years, she says, “art and design have always been in my blood.”  Helping make people’s dream kitchens a reality is what she loves most about her role.

Hobbies: Carly’s free time is all about her kid’s sports these days: summer is for softball and baseball; fall is for soccer; winter and spring are for basketball – her family is always busy!

Own Design Style: Carly describes her style as casual – she loves color and mixing and matching styles. Someday, she wants a kitchen with blue cabinets and countertops in Cambria’s Praa Sands design.

Best Thing About The Cabinet Store + Culina Design:  “We offer great products and have a beautiful showroom! The atmosphere is casual and fun, and everyone has a great deal of knowledge that really helps things go smoothly during a remodel.”

Click on the images in the gallery below to see some of Carly’s most recent work!