We begin every project with a simple sketch and measurements, but how do we measure? To do this, we ask that you gather the following information from your existing kitchen. Before you gather the information below, please create a basic drawing of your kitchen. No big deal if you’re not an artist, we just want to get an idea of your space.

1.  How to Measure the Walls
No need to stress about being exact; feel free to round up to the next inch!

2. Structural Features
Be sure to account for structural features and obstacles such as windows, doors, etc.

3. Additional Items to Include

  • Plumbing locations
  • Floor to ceiling height
  • Soffits – will they stay or go?
  • Proposed structural changes – removing any walls?

4. Final Sketch and Photos
Once we receive your sketch, measurement and photos, we can begin drafting a design!